Work with D-Wave Cited as Changing Drug Discovery and Quantum Computing

Recently, POLARISqb has been in the news for the revolutionary work that we are doing in drug discovery. An integral part of that progress is our work with quantum providers like D-Wave Systems from Toronto, Canada.

As this article from Inside Quantum Technology by Kenna Hughes-Castleberry details, the partnership between our company and D-Wave represents a way that quantum annealing computers are able to be utilized today to solve complex optimization problems. In the article, Murray Thom, D-Wave’s Vice President of Product Management says about the Advantage computer,  “Given the large number of variables and constraints, the drug discovery process involves several areas that are well-suited to quantum-classical hybrid technology, such as analyzing large data sets from clinical trials to guide precision medicine efforts or identifying and optimizing chemical compounds."

This strength is being leveraged by POLARISqb, having built a system that can assess a library of billions of molecules to search for molecules that meet certain drug-like characteristics that may represent novel drugs for a variety of conditions. The power of the quantum annealing computer to find low-minima solutions allows the company to complete these kinds of searches in a fraction of the time and costs associated with current computational chemistry processes, creating the potential for the discovery of a wide variety of treatments for ailments that have eluded previous chemical searches.