Allosteric Bioscience

Allosteric Bioscience, Inc , a company founded in 2021 to integrate Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence with various Biomedical sciences to create improved treatments for Aging, Longevity and Aging related diseases, has partnered with POLARISqb to research protein targets that may play a key role in human aging.


Improved Aging, Longevity and Aging related diseases is a lead program at Allosteric Bioscience and the focus of this new agreement. This agreement is also supported by an equity investment in Polarisqb. This agreement initiates a joint program involves using Quantum Computing and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology for creation of an inhibitor of a key protein involved in human Aging and Longevity. This program’s goal is to significantly improve the normal human Aging and Longevity process which could have benefits for global health that represents a multibillion-dollar global market. Allosteric Bioscience believes that the power of Quantum Computing and advanced AI are a powerful combination for the creation of pharmaceuticals targeting toxic pathways which have been difficult to generate in the past.


Allosteric Bioscience is using its “QAB” platform which involves integrating Quantum Computing and advanced AI with Biomedical sciences such as genetics, genomics, system biology, epigenetics, systems biology, proteomics and other disciplines. The company is also employing two Aging platforms: “ALT” - Aging Longevity Targets and “ALM” – Aging Longevity Modulators of the Targets which have the potential for regulating and improving the Aging and Longevity process.
“The agreement between Allosteric Bioscience and Polarisqb represents an important milestone in implementing the Allosteric Bioscience strategy of integrating the Quantum Computer and advanced AI with various biomedical sciences for creation and development of new and advanced treatments for Improved Aging, Longevity and Aging related diseases.”
-Dr. Arthur P. Bollon, President and co-Founder