QuADD for Agriculture

POLARISqb is using quantum computing to revolutionize the way molecular discovery is done in agriculture in the same way as we are working within the pharmaceutical space, searching a chemical library of up to 1030 molecules to find optimal molecular options for particular protein interactions.The graphic shows the way that POLARISqb uses a quantum annealer to find a production additive that will block Serpins, making animal feed much more efficient.


We were the runner up in the 2022 Soy Innovation challenge for our work helping to identify molecules that would act as a blocker for Serpins, a protein that decreases the efficiency of soy feed for Poultry and Swine. This blocker would significantly improve the efficiency of this feed, saving millions of dollars and decreasing the environmental impact of soy feed production world wide.


We are currently working with customers to discover new and improved molecules for crop protection. If you have an agricultural target of interest, please use the form below to contact us and find out how QuADD may be able to accelerate your own discovery processes.