POLARISqb built the first ever drug discovery
engine for a quantum annealing computer.
Find out how we harnessed the speed of
quantum computing to find novel drug leads.
Quantum Computing
POLARISqb collaborates with partners and clients
from around the globe to accelerate their
drug discovery pipelines, shortening the time it
takes to get new medicines to patients.
The POLARISqb team is made up of half computational chemistry experts
and half quantum computing software development experts,
and the company has built the first ever system that can translate chemistry
into the language of quantum annealing.
Find out more about the diverse team behind
this revolutionary and groundbreaking technology.
Our Team

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We are utilizing #quantumcomputing along with technologies like #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning to shorten #drugdiscovery timelines and revolutionize how pharmaceutical research is accomplished.

Our #Tachyon system combines methodologies such as Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics with #QuantumComputing to revolutionize how #drug discovery is accomplished.

On this #internationalwomensday we celebrate the scientists on our team who are helping revolutionize how #drugdiscovery is done. Find out more about how our women-led chemistry team uses the power of #quantumcomputing to drive innovation in #chemistry