Quantum-Aided Drug Design LogoPOLARISqb is proud to offer the first quantum empowered SaaS for Drug Discovery.

Interested companies can now find out how they can implement the quantum technology that we have become known for into their own pipelines. QuADD accomplishes a library optimization in days that would normally take a chemist a month or more.
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POLARISqb White Paper: QuADD Performs 2 Day Molecular Library Optimizations
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QuADD Subscription • Yearly subscriptions • Investigate 5-10 protein binding pockets •Output is 1,000-5,000 library of lead-like structures •Designed to feed into in-house CADD analysis pipelines • Self-service SaaS • Payment due after PoC period of 1 month QuADD Rapid • 2 weeks per project • Investigate 1 protein binding pocket •Output is 1,000-5,000 library of lead-like structures •Designed to feed into in-house CADD analysis pipelines • POLARISqb chemists run QuADD • Payment due at project initialization QuADD Premium • 3 Months per Project • Investigate 1 protein binding pocket •Output is 20-200 optimized molecules •Designed molecules ready for synthesis • POLARISqb chemists run QuADD and support high resolution QM/MM calculations • Fee for Service payments with success based milestones

POLARISqb  is accelerating Drug Discovery with Quantum Computing.
Find out how we harnessed the speed of
quantum annealing to find novel drug leads.
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Our partners leap ahead of the competition.
POLARISqb  is compressing discovery cycles with concurrent multi-objective optimization that’s orders of magnitude faster than the traditional iterative approach.
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Bringing diverse minds to this revolutionary and groundbreaking technology.
The POLARISqb team is made up of experts in drug design, chemistry, dev ops and quantum computing software developers. Together they built the first ever system that can translate chemistry into the language of quantum annealing.
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