We have built the first ever drug discovery platform using a quantum computer, making the discovery process ten times faster. Our platform and technology allow us to scan billions of molecules from a large chemical space, while keeping costs efficient. Without the need for multiple optimization cycles, we find the same (or better) molecules faster utilizing Quantum Computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
We are scaling Chemical Space to scan billions of molecules, while running multiple concurrent drug discovery projects and building a vast portfolio of lead molecules. These molecules hold the potential to cure and treat many diseases and ailments that have persisted to this day despite the best efforts of medical and pharmaceutical research.

Recent Updates

Cool news about QUBOs & benchmarkable graph setups from If and Only If Technologies. We used #QUBO technology in development of our Tachyon quantum drug discovery platform & will be a driver of #innovation in the world #quantumcomputing as sector grows.

#AI and #Quantum will have a major impact on #DrugDiscovery - as we hope to see with our partnership with #ArtificialIntelligence experts @AuransaInc and our first ever drug platform built on a #quantum computer #Tachyon

These bridges between #classical computing and #quantumcomputing are crucial as we move from #quantum as theoretical to #quantum applications and algorithms.