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POLARISqb Announces the Addition of Board Member Anat Naschitz
POLARISqb, a company revolutionizing drug design by joining quantum computing with AI and precision medicine, is strengthening its Board of Directors by adding seasoned life science investor and entrepreneur Anat Naschitz.  Anat is currently the CEO of 9xchange, a “connected gym” for biopharma assets, applying the right computational drug discovery and development technology with ecosystem…
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Polaris Quantum Biotech Ventures into the Veterinary Space for Robotic Dogs
Today, April 1st, PolarisQB is announcing a groundbreaking development: its foray into the robotic veterinary world, leveraging its cutting-edge Quantum-Aided Drug Design (QuADD) platform. This move marks a significant expansion beyond more “traditional” pharmaceuticals.   The breakthrough involves the development of a revolutionary medicine tailored specifically for robotic dogs. Using QuADD's unparalleled computational power, PolarisQB sniffed…
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Reconnecting with Partners at JPM
JPM week in San Francisco is always a busy time and a great time to connect with brilliant scientists and leaders doing amazing things in the world of biotech and pharmaceutical research. For anyone in the industry attending, the week is a whirlwind of hotel conference rooms, meetings with potential collaborators, and networking sessions filled…
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POLARISqb and Partner to Offer Online Access to Quantum-Aided Drug Design, the first Quantum-Enabled Drug Discovery Platform
POLARISqb, the first company to build quantum-enabled molecular optimization tools for  drug discovery, and, the life science industry's leading online marketplace for outsourced research, have partnered to offer researchers online access to POLARISqb’s Quantum-Aided Drug Design (QuADD) platform. marketplace users can now utilize quantum computing to create optimized molecular libraries for drug design…
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