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POLARISqb Receives DARPA IMPAQT Funding to Advance Quantum Computing for Drug Design
The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) awarded POLARISqb a research contract in support of their work designing drugs with quantum computers. The contract is a part of the Advanced Research Concept topic Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow (IMPAQT). POLARISqb has been developing quantum computing methods for drug discovery since their inception in…
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A Very Brief History of Very Large Numbers
What is the largest number of which you can conceive? This question has driven mathematicians and scientists for millennia, challenging the greatest minds of every era. In ancient India, a sacred text called the Yajurveda from around 1000 BCE named numbers based on the power of ten up to a quadrillion, or 1012. Building on…
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POLARISqb Demonstrates Menu Optimization via Constrained Quadratic Model on D-Wave Annealing Quantum Computer
The scientists at POLARISqb designed and engineered the first drug discovery engine built for an annealing quantum computer. This amplified search power allows the company to investigate a virtual chemical space of up to 1023 molecules and to design a set of molecules that fit a particular binding pocket and have certain drug-like characteristicsThese drug-like characteristics…
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