POLARISqb talks with QuBites from Valorem Reply

QuBites S6 E6

We were excited to engage in this fantastic conversation with Rene Schulte about our company and the work that we are doing. He talks with our CEO, Dr. Shahar Keinan, about  utilizing the power of quantum optimization to power the quantum drug discovery we have made in the last three years. The episode talks about the progress in quantum annealers for multi-variable optimization, progress in the sector that is using AI and Machine Learning, and how that progress is integrated into the Tachyon system that POLARISqb has built to accelerate drug design. Dr. Keinan talks about how we are translating chemistry constraints into QUBOs that are able to be used via quantum computing to optimize multiple interconnected variables in ways that conventional high powered computers would still take months or even years to solve.