Chemical Libraries

Chemical space is big, with predicted 1065 small molecules. This space includes every molecule that has ever been ever synthesized, or will be synthesized in the future, including all current and future molecular drugs. Discovering new drugs is like unearthing gold nuggets, they could be anywhere depending on a number of factors, and the challenge is to find the right ones to address a specific target. That’s why Polarisqb is using quantum computing to look at increasingly larger libraries as well as building bespoke libraries for each target and disease profile.
As we run successive optimizations with the Tachyon system can continue to ge rate larger and larger libraries that provide more accurate descriptions of the chemical spaces we wish to research. Currently, the system has been able to handle a library of over 4 billion molecules, and help identify the correct molecule or molecules based on a number of targeting and drug like properties in a fraction of current timelines.