POLARISqb Announces the Addition of Board Member Anat Naschitz

POLARISqb, a company revolutionizing drug design by joining quantum computing with AI and precision medicine, is strengthening its Board of Directors by adding seasoned life science investor and entrepreneur Anat Naschitz. 

Anat is currently the CEO of 9xchange, a “connected gym” for biopharma assets, applying the right computational drug discovery and development technology with ecosystem data and analytics, and an intuitive online transaction engine. 9xchange aims to identify, fix, and transact assets that either are or should be available and bring them to the right owners. Current tech partnerships include discovery AI company BenevolentAI (Euronext:BAI), which adds indications to 9xchange assets, and machine learning pioneer PhaseV, which rescues trials with imperfect data/automates adaptive design prospectively. 

Anat has nurtured multiple successful companies throughout her career. She co-founded OrbiMed Israel, as part of the $20B global healthcare investment firm, and was previously with Apax, the 60B private equity firm. Examples of companies Anat was involved in include pharma spinout 89bio which she co-founded and helped build and take public (Nasdaq: ETNB current market cap $1bn), in Phase 3 with a potentially best-in-class drug for MASH; Sobi, which evolved out of a spinout Anat was involved in creating (STO:SOBI, current market cap $9B); TytoCare, a growth stage company commercializing the Home Smart Clinic; MDClone, commercializing a synthetic data and analytics platform; Azura Ophthalmics, achieving strong phase 2b data in a drug for MGD, the root cause of most dry eye disease; ForSight Vision 6, developing a truly accommodating IntraOcular Lens with a strategic partner, and others.

"I am truly excited to collaborate with POLARISqb. The company is uniquely positioned to find the best match between the target of interest and the optimal molecule - quickly, accurately, and comprehensively, which, given the scale of chemical space covered by POLARISqb's technology, provides confidence in the chosen asset,” said Anat.

“We are looking forward to working with Anat and leveraging her experience to help make Quantum-Aided Drug Design (QuADD) available to new partners towards accelerating their drug discovery pipelines with the power of quantum computing,” said POLARISqb CEO Dr. Shahar Keinan “with Anat’s track record, her experience and leadership in the biotech arena, she is exactly who we need to continue driving POLARISqb success ." 


POLARISqb has developed a unique technology, translating drug discovery into a problem that can be solved by quantum computers, specifically Quantum Annealing Computers, which handle complex, multi-variable optimization problems. The QuADD system offers a substantial, triple advantage to finding the best fit between drug candidates and the target pocket. Firstly, QuADD cuts the time required to match the best molecule to the target pocket from months to mere days. Secondly, QuADD grows the searchable molecular space to 1030 molecules, orders of magnitude greater than traditional drug discovery engines. Finally, and consequently, QuADD yields better answers, faster, enabling quick progress with the best molecule.

To learn more about POLARISqb, please see www.polarisqb.com

To learn more about Anat Naschitz, please see https://www.linkedin.com/in/anatnaschitz/