Shahar Keinan of POLARISqb and Jongsun Jun of Syntekabio meet to formalize the companies' promising quantum and AI drug design joint venture.
Syntekabio, a genomic big data company, has been working hard to establish a precision medicine and AI drug development system. With the advent of Illumina's next-generation genome sequencer, population-level genome data integration and customized genetic biomarkers for individual patients are possible, and therefore, AI drug platforms for customized treatments are becoming a major part of the bio-health field. It is becoming the core of the 4th bio-industry.
POLARISqb and Syntekabio announced a partnership in August of 2023 that will utilize our QuADD platform and the SyntekabioDeepMatcher® Drug Candidate Service to harness the power of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence to accelerate novel drug discovery. Through the partnership, the companies will  be able to search massive chemical space (1030potential molecules) using the big genomic data provided by Syntekabio to identify potential drug-like leads in a matter of days rather than months.
To read more about their partnership, see the press release here.
"We are delighted that Syntekabio's DeepMatcher® and POLARISqb's QuADD can cooperate to provide a drug candidate discovery service. It will be of great help in expanding global business opportunities as we work together.”


Jongsun Jung, Ph.D.
President, Syntekabio