At the heart of Polarisqb technology is our revolutionary and agile Tachyontm drug design platform. Tachyontm is  used for executing distributed molecular design work across the cloud, managed by an automated process that allows the Polarisqb platform to search immense chemical libraries while also scaling up to execute multiple parallel projects simultaneously. By developing proprietary software for quantum systems that designs molecular assets faster and with a higher quality than anyone else, Polarisqb is able to deliver novel drug leads in a fraction of the timeline and cost of current drug development processes.

 Quantum Optimization

The key to Tachyon’s advantage lies in the automation of the software that is able to optimize multiple molecules in faster runs than have ever been possible through classical computing solutions. With each run, internal models are updated, so that the more projects it has completed, the more effiective and efficient Tachyontm becomes. Using machine learning algorithms on internally curated data from previous runs, leads to faster outcomes as well as novel solutions to chemical inquiries. The power of quantum computers, specifically annealing computers, to perform complex optimization solutions has been well documented since the middle of 2022, when logistics solutions and other optimization solutions came to market.

 21st Century Drug Design

By utilizing the power of quantum computing to assess a large chemical space at once, rather than taking many small corrective steps, Tachyontm is able to analyze chemical libraries numbering in the billions of molecules in a matter of seconds. This provides a distinct advantage for drug design, by efficiently finding novel molecules that are promising candidates for drug design. Because Tachyontm is system agnostic, Polarisqb has the flexibility and versatility to be able to work in multiple diseases and indications.