Drug Lead Prediction

Polarisqb  is making advances in the area of drug lead prediction by using our Tachyontm platform to build large chemical libraries and optimize the best drug leads in them. Tachyon is built in several layers, each layer increasing the accuracy of the calculations. Starting from the 3 dimensional structure of the protein, and exploring the vast chemical space,  Tachyontm uses multi-object optimization to find the best drug candidates.


By using computer aided drug design powered by quantum computing to simulate the ligand receptor complexes in multi conformational space, Polarisqb is able to identify potential drug leads from libraries that contain billion molecules in a fraction of the time that

Photo by Louis Reed

 it would take traditional computing methods. In this process, Tachyontm is able to calculate linear interaction energies to various drug targets, providing researchers with valuable
information that can lead to treatments or cures for diseases and conditions for which traditional methods may prove too costly or time consuming.


In doing this, Polarisqb continues to pursue the mission of helping develop drug leads that have the potential to treat and cure all diseases, for all people.