Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Cloud Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is a leader in the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence based drug development.  The company partners, designs, develops, and licenses novel drug compounds for a wide range of medical indications to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical research markets.  Novel drugs are developed through vertical holdings, typically LLCs for specific therapeutic areas.  Some of Cloud's active drug development projects are a mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer, a novel drug with companion biomarker for the EP3 target for thrombosis, an AI-repurposed "cocktail" for hypertension, and a novel drug targeting the monoclonal antibody B6 for a wide range of Coronaviruses.


Cloud Pharmaceuticals and PolarisQB entered into a strategic agreement where PolarisQB will be the preferred provider of drug discovery to Cloud Pharmaceuticals. We are working with them to continue to research treatments for other diseases and conditions using our quantum drug discovery platform, Tachyon.