Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Once thought of in the realm of science fiction movies and comic books, artificial intelligence has become a very important part of the modern world of computing. Companies around the world are employing computers that have the ability to recognize patterns, learn about their environments, and make decisions that allow them to improve its likelihood of successfully achieving a defined goal. This has resulted in computers that are able to successfully optimize routing, compete at games like poker and Go, and pilot NASA's "Ingenuity" flying drone on Mars


Polarisqb has employed artificial intelligence in its Tachyontm quantum drug design system, programming the platform to learn from each computational chemistry run that it completes. By doing so, the system is able to create its own inferences about relationships and characteristics of the molecules in the massive chemical libraries within which it operates. This means that as the system continues to perform molecular analysis in the protein targeting process, it will become faster and better able to simulate complex computational chemistry with each run.


Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with the advantage provided by a quantum computing system allows Polarisqb to revolutionize the drug discovery process, cutting the timelines for computer aided drug designs by up to ten times. As the Tachyontm system continues to learn from the simulations it runs, it can provide additional information about molecules that may be able to solve problems that are even outside of the scope of a desired target during a particular run.