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Fujitsu Highlights POLARISqb as a Tech Innovator Driving Digital Transformation

Last year Polarisqb  began our journey to revolutionize the world of drug discovery by using the most advanced computers on the planet to perform in silico protein targeting at speeds never before thought possible. One of our most important partners in this new venture was Fujitsu, who had developed the most sophisticated Digital Annealing Computer on the planet.

PolarisQB was featured as an innovative customer in Fujitsu's eBook on driving digital transformation.

Using this machine that can reach near quantum speeds we designed our Tachyon platform that is able to perform complex simulations of molecular and chemical reactions that provide crucial information to scientists and researchers who are working to develop treatments and cures for diseases that affect billions of people around the globe.

Fujitsu has recognized this work in an eBook titled Driving Digital Transformation with our Customers along with five other companies that are utilizing high powered computers to drive innovation in the fields of logistics, finance, fashion, food supply, and aerospace. Read more about our work and the other customers who made the list below.

Fujitsu: Driving Digital Transformation With Our Customers

Disrupting and Accelerating Drug Discovery

Fujitsu and PolarisQB are partnering to create a platform that uses Quantum inspired computing to revolutionize the speed at which protein targeting can be accomplished. Using this technology, we were able to narrow down 977 target molecules from a library of over 1 billion in a matter of seconds.

Contact us if you think that your company would benefit from partnering with POLARISqb to accelerate your own chemical and molecular searches.