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Quantum Computing Targets Improved Human Aging and Longevity in new Agreement between Allosteric Bioscience and Polaris Quantum Biotech
February 3, 2022, Allosteric Bioscience, Inc., a company founded in 2021 to integrate Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence with various Biomedical sciences to create improved treatments for Aging, Longevity and Aging related diseases and Polaris Quantum Biotech, a company at the vanguard of Quantum Computing for drug discovery, have signed a collaboration agreement.  Together, the…
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POLARISqb and PhoreMost announce a Multi-target Collaboration to investigate Next-generation Cancer Therapies
Polaris Quantum Biotech (POLARISqb), and PhoreMost Limited, a UK-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing drugs against intractable disease targets, today announced a collaboration to study oncology targets currently considered undruggable.    Under the terms of the agreement, the POLARISqb Tachyon™ quantum computing platform will be used to scan billions of molecules from a large chemical…
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Quantum Cloud Growth and the Future of Computing
Just a few years ago, truly viable and useful quantum computing was the stuff of legends and campfire tales among computer scientists, but development in the last year has led to an explosion of quantum resources available to companies in the cloud. The evolution of the quantum machine has been accelerated by the development of…
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